Sunsets & Donuts

The whole squad decided to go visit @likewiseluke at the Rise Above Speed Shop, the place to go for custom fabrication, performance builds and air suspension. We goofed off and watched the sun go down. It was the perfect opportunity for a quick car shoot. Luckily @photobinh was there with his camera! We hope ya’ll enjoy these photos! Feel free to download them for your own viewing pleasure :P


Stance Wars Weekend

We recently took a road trip down south to hang out with our amazing fans at Stance Wars LA. We had a blast laughing, taking photos, and throwing free merch into the crowd. It was way too hot to be outdoors, so mobbed it in the back of a pick up truck to DnB’s and cooled off with a few drinks. Overall, it was definitely a weekend to remember. We cannot wait to go back to SoCal!


Mini Skate Session

With one hour left until sunset, we had a last minute skate session with the homies. Binh broke out the gimbal and got shots of us trying to hit some tricks, falling, then getting right back up and trying all over again. The dope evening got even better when we decided to stop for tacos on the way home! Never forget these warm breezy nights.

The Crew

Frances & Mimi's Birthday

We had a great time bonding with good friends over BBQ and drinks. From the days of a packed out one bedroom apartment to now a spacious open back yard, the friendship has stayed the same. Everyone gathered here for Frances & Mimi’s birthday. Tony cooked up some gnarly burgers, Vu poured up the oyster shots, Kaz accidentally kicked Christine while break dancing, and Luke fell asleep on the stair case. It was a blast, and we’ll do it all over again next year.



Thank you everyone for coming out to SPOCOM SF this past weekend! I had a great time being a bikini contest judge and meeting you all. Here is a collection of photographs taken by our friend @photobinh. Feel free to save them and use us as wallpapers/screensavers :P